Search Engine Friendly URL's and Joomla

Written by Peter Davies on .

I discovered that certain components do not create or implement SEF links when using SEF_Advance (from Sakic.Net).

For example, the URL:,com_virtuemart/page,shop.browse/category_id,1/Itemid,54/lang,en/

So we need to make the links more friendly using the “Aliases” option under the SEF_Advance administrative area. After logging in select the component from the admin menu. A list should appear (or empty if its not been used before) and the system will allow you to add a new “alias” to any static URL.

So, using the new tool I made: See Tools Menu [now not operational as of 03/03/2013]

Paste in the none-SEF URL from the website and click the “Submit Query” button. This will generate a super-non-friendly URL which is required by the SEF_Advance alias management which looks like this:


This generated URL can then be pasted into the aliases URL followed by a description (friendly) url such as “catalogue/Land-Rover-Defender” which is then translated on the website (NB: the text is converted to lowercase automatically).

For this example, this will need doing on each category within the Virtue Mart shopping cart system.