Peter provides the technical concepts and direction on most Juicy Media projects. Whether you get to speak to him or not, at some point he will be involved to make sure that seemingly impossible development tasks and delivery are completed on time and within budget.

During his career he has worked on engagements with clients in a wide variety of industry sectors; automotive institutions, entertainment and media organisations, computer security, telecommunications, printed circuit board design and manufacture, software development, as well as various charity organisations.

Primarily a computer security expert by education and practice, recently his activity with large-scale web applications has resulted in him becoming one of the UK's experts on delivering secure cloud-based open-source technology to corporate and educational entities. Having managed hundreds of servers delivering thousands of open-source applications, his skill-set is now geared towards helping clients achieve the best performance out of their desired solution.

If you require consultation or need a project to be examined, contact Juicy Media Ltd and they will be sure to help. Additionally you can contact me through a number of methods including Google+ and Twitter.